Software escrow

An escrow agreement is included in the deposit

  • Between the supplier and its customers - providing for the deposit and governing access to the sources, in a contract in its own right or a clause included in a contract (maintenance, licence, distribution, GTC, etc.).
  • Between the supplier, its clients and Datasure® - providing additional guarantees.

What are the advantages?

Evidentiary deposit - As a simple deposit, the Datasure® escrow also constitutes proof enabling you to claim your rights relating to your software, in the event of a challenge by a third party or infringement of intellectual property rights.

Security - Filing with Datasure® guarantees your clients the integrity and authenticity of the deposited source code.

Access to sources - The purpose of Datasure® escrow is to ensure that the client or partner of the software supplier has the possibility of accessing this software under the conditions agreed between the parties in their contracts or escrow agreements. The most common situation is to provide this access in the event of failure of the software supplier (if it goes bankrupt or is no longer able to maintain the software, for example).

The benefits of escrow

Escrow agreements are increasingly becoming a necessity for serious companies seeking to ensure the long-term future of their intangible assets.

There are many benefits for software suppliers:

  • Securing your investments and data
  • Undeniable proof through qualified timestamping, electronic signatures and blockchain
  • A contract strengthened by bailiff registration
  • Confidentiality guaranteed with encryption
  • A service accessible and available 24/7
  • Unlimited storage
  • A competitive advantage when negotiating your contracts
  • Controlled access to source code

Benefits for your customers

  • Reassured customers
  • Continuity of their IT systems and applications
  • Assurance of service continuity in the event of failure
  • Less dependency
  • Information updated according to the agreed frequency and service level selected
  • Access to documents beyond the source code
  • Checks carried out according to the service level selected
  • Respect for confidentiality through encryption and online NDA signature