Qualified electronic timestamp


Pay only for what you consume.

Depending on your needs, Datasure offers its eIDAS qualified electronic time stamping service with access to its APIs in two ways: consumption subscription or purchases in packs.

Only the consumption subscription allows you to be eligible for the Datasure TSA Premium Offer.


Consumption-based rates for eIDAS-qualified tokens

Ideal for any type of regular activity. Allows access to the Premium offer.

Monthly subscription of €49 excl. VAT.
+ consumer prices by level (per month)

1 to 1000

  • 1 to 1000 tokens / monthly

1001 to 3000

  • 1001 to 3000 tokens / monthly

3001 to 10 000

  • 3001 to 10 000 tokens / monthly

Over 10 000

  • more than 10 000 tokens / monthly

Minimum 12-month commitment for opening the service + activation fees

Pack rates

Buy once, use whenever you want. Valid for life (no expiry date).

Pack of 1000 eIDAS-qualified tokens


Or €0.199 / token

Pack of 2500 eIDAS-qualified tokens


Or €0.139 / token

Pack of 5000 eIDAS-qualified tokens


Or €0.079 / token

Pack of 10 000 eIDAS-qualified tokens


Or €0.069 / token

Subject to activation fees. Not compatible with the Premium offer.

Exclusive: Premium Offer

As a pure-player of proof of date and content, Datasure is the only French timestamping Authority to optionally offer, in addition to the standard timestamping API, a multitude of additional services.

The Datasure TSA Premium Offer is a subscription providing access to all of Datasure’s robust and complementary features.

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