Datasure Proof Vault

Features of
Datasure Proof Vault

Millions of Certified Files, a single reference player.

Privileged contact for intellectual property services, IP Attorneys and lawyers, Datasure is the only trusted third party recognized by the EU which delivers the Proof Vault allowing unlimited deposits to be certified by eIDAS timestamping and synchronized in the Bailiff's office (now named Commissioner of Justice).

Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSP) according to the European eIDAS regulation (European Regulation No. 910/2014) are audited regularly and controlled by the national control body (ANSSI in France) to obtain and maintain their qualification. They are present in the national trust list and the Trust List of the European Commission because their status is mandatory recognized in all EU countries. Consult the Datasure qualification by clicking here.

"Qualification ensures that the PSCO has implemented and mastered some of the most demanding standards, and that it assumes greater responsibility for its activities"

Unlimited proofs
automatically certified

Served by API and on the MyDatasure platform, the Datasure Proof Vault allows you to send numerous files for certification automatically, integrated into your business workflows.

Sovereign infrastructure
with top-level certification

The Datasure Safe is exclusively implemented within the SecNumCloud scope of the Outscale brand of Dassault Systèmes of which Datasure is the qualified trust service provider partner.

digital trust and intellectual property.

Datasure is the only qualified trusted third party specialized exclusively in intellectual property.

Privileged contact for industrial property services, IP attorneys and IP lawyers, Datasure is a recognized trusted brand that secures and enhances intangible assets on a daily basis.

With its experience as exclusive manager of the European register, Datasure is the natural service provider for legal, IT and compliance professions.

Electronic Timestamp
eIDAS qualified

Datasure presents a high level of quality and compliance requirements through the recognition of its eIDAS qualified timestamping service implemented in the Datasure Proof Vault solution.

Each file submitted is systematically subject to electronic time stamping in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation, RFC3161 but also the technical standards ETSI 319 401, ETSI 319 421 and ETSI 319 422.

Datasure places the security of sensitive assets and information at the top of its priorities, and its compliance with European and international standards means that we can offer a strengthened infrastructure to guarantee risk control and data security.

Systematic deposits
to Baillif office

A legal and technical innovation from Datasure, all files deposited in Proof Vault are systematically transmitted in parallel to our Commissioner of Justice (Baillif). At any time, it is possible to obtain a Report of deposit for the files which were placed in Datasure Vault Proof, serving as an authentic electronic document with the qualified signature of the public and ministerial officer.

API automation
and Integrations into your business processes

Datasure Proof Vault integrates directly into the heart of your business processes. Through complete OpenAPI Swagger documentation, you integrate the certification cycle directly into your use cases via the API included in each subscription.

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