Datasure: our guarantees

Datasure was founded to provide individuals and organizations with sovereign, compliant and innovative solutions in the field of intellectual property.

To provide the highest guarantees of compliance and independence, the use of a sovereign technical infrastructure and data encryption is necessary. Datasure relies on service providers recognized for their expertise and certifications (SecNumCloud, ISO27001, HDS, ANSSI-qualified service providers, etc.). Strong encryption measures in the Cloud with our encryption keys allow our services to reach the highest level of compliance, refusing extra-territorial laws such as the Cloud Act.

Datasure is the result of a dual expertise: IP/IT legal experts and IT engineers. This dual know-how allows us to offer both technical and legal solutions to your needs. Our services are designed to meet these two imperatives.

Datasure is an innovative company that responds to both concrete and complex needs, we speak your language and assist you with agility. Many of our solutions are still under development, so it is the right time to discuss with us your business and your needs.

Engineers + IP/IT legal experts = #Datasure

Digital and Intellectual Property.

Originating from the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) and Engineering Schools, our dual skills have led to the creation of Datasure to combine intellectual property and digital developments.

The issue of digital trust is a major challenge for intellectual property. Our companies and organizations must therefore master both an increasingly complex normative framework and key technologies to successfully carry out their future projects.

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