Qualified electronic timestamp

eIDAS qualified timestamp
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Proof of date and content: multiple scenarios

The European "eIDAS" regulation on trust services establishes the use of electronic timestamping for electronic transactions: let's look at a few examples.

Many companies and public bodies need to use electronic timestamps to prove the date and integrity of data. The service provided by Datasure is government-approved and complies with all the requirements for qualified electronic timestamps.

Proof that a transaction or event has taken place

Datasure’s qualified timestamp units are called via API according to the international electronic timestamp standard (RFC3161) and return timestamp tokens that can be integrated into a wide variety of business processes and applications: banking, insurance, real estate, industry, etc.

Qualified timestamp tokens provide legal proof that data existed at a specific time: they are certified by the Timestamping Authority, unlike logs, which can easily be legally challenged.

Seal documents and contracts

Qualified electronic timestamps can be used to provide proof of the anteriority and integrity of any type of file, such as contracts, business documents or invoices.

A natural complement to the electronic signature, which concerns authenticity ("who"), qualified timestamp proves "what" AND "when".

With Datasure proof attestations (delivered via the PDF Certificate API), demonstrating proof becomes even more readable and easy, thus completing evidence files, for example.

Cybersecurity and data protection compliance tool

eIDAS-qualified timestamps make it possible to meet a number of fundamental compliance challenges in an ever-changing digital trust environment. Several laws and regulations require the use of electronic timestamps (e.g., electronic registered mail, digital safe, archiving, etc.) or refer to it indirectly as a means of achieving security objectives (e.g., data integrity and security within the meaning of article 32 of the RGPD).

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