eIDAS Qualified electronic timestamp

Consulting and custom integration

Datasure has developed specific expertise in electronic timestamping (proof of anteriority and integrity), certification of operations, business processes and various workflows. Implementing qualified timestamping often requires technical and legal support adapted to your organisation’s different use cases and objectives.

We can provide solutions to your specific technical integration and regulatory compliance issues. Our expertise is particularly well-developed in PHP-based development environments.

Datasure Engineering

Consulting & Integration

eIDAS engineers

Electronic timestamp, RFC3161, ETSI 319 421, eIDAS Regulation

Protection of personal data

Our ANSSI qualification and security visa demonstrate our rigour: we assist you in your compliance with data security requirements (art. 32 of the RGPD).

The " tailor-made " service provider

We can provide our qualified, trusted service with agility in contexts and configurations adapted to your specific needs.

Certified engineers

For a variety of reasons (speed of production, rationalised cost, efficiency), the involvement of an external expert may be necessary to bring a fresh, objective perspective to your project. Datasure offers assistance with the integration of its trusted service, combining a rare dual skill set: technical and legal.

In the context of proof of anteriority and data integrity, Datasure can help you assess your project and provide recommendations on your information security management system (ISMS), your RGPD compliance, or your desire to provide your customers with a specific framework (SecNumCloud, HDS, eIDAS, RGS, etc.).

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