eIDAS qualified timestamp

Timestamping policies and practices can be consulted on the publication site here.

Why certify with a qualified electronic timestamp?

In many cases, proof of a certain date and content by a State-recommended Timestamp Authority with effective legal recognition is required. Qualified electronic timestamping allows you to prove that a piece of data or a file existed on a specific date, using a reliable cryptographic process that is the only one recognised by law.
Schéma du fonctionnement de l’horodatage électronique inspiré du guide utilisateur ENISA. Version 2.0 final décembre 2016.

Your electronic certification process recognised by law.

Electronic timestamping makes it possible to guarantee not only the date and time, but also the integrity of the data being timestamped (i.e. the "content"). In practice, the unique digital fingerprint of the data to be timestamped is signed by the timestamping unit together with the timestamp token it issues. The data in question is never transmitted to the Timestamp Authority.

Unlike other technologies (such as blockchain), eIDAS-qualified timestamping is the only technology fully recognised by the law: it is the only one that currently benefits from the presumption of technical reliability provided for by the law and the European Regulation, granting it maximum legal evidential value.

Robust and sovereign infrastructure.

Through its qualified electronic timestamp service, Datasure implements the strictest and most reliable state-of-the-art standards.

Our strategy as an independent company in favour of strong digital sovereignty has led Datasure to rely exclusively on a secure infrastructure operated in France.

The Datasure’s qualified timestamping service is regularly audited by an ANSSI-accredited conformity assessment body for compliance with ETSI standards, European eIDAS regulations and additional French requirements.

The Datasure electronic timestamping service is qualified by the decision of the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI) and is compulsorily recognised in all EU countries as a qualified trust service (see the Trust List).

You can consult the legal and technical features of the service on this page.

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Datasure is an ANSSI-Qualified Trust Service Provider. We also offer consulting and integration services specifically for electronic timestamping.

Policies & Documentation

Visit the Datasure TSA publication site to access our timestamping policy and practices, general conditions of use, certificates for timestamping units and the certification authority, as well as the revocation list.

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